District Industries Centre
Functions of the District Industries Centre
Issue of acknowledgment for Entrepreneur Memoranda and filing of application for capital subsidy for micro small and medium enterprises. Entrepreneurs may obtain the acknowledgement online from the website www.msmeonline.tn.gov.in.
Registration and development of Industrial co-operative societies.
Sanction and Disbursement of subsidies.
Conducting Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
Implementation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme PMEGP and State sponsored Scheme UYEGP for generation of employment through establishment of micro enterprises in rural as well as urban areas.
Providing escort service to entrepreneurs towards identification of industry and preparation of project profiles for assistance from financial institution/banks, selection and purchase of machinery etc...
Obtaining clearance for starting an industries from Government departments through single window clearance committee.
Creating awareness about the policies and programmes on industrial development of the State / Central Governments, through seminars and dissemination meets.
Facilitation for creation of common infrastructure facilities / services in industrialclusters under the Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS) / Micro and SmallEnterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSECDP) / Scheme of fund forRegeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI).
To facilitate the payment of dues to micro and small enterprises from large Industries.
Implementation of Quality Control Order on electrical household appliance, etc...
Registration and Development of cottage and handicrafts Industries.
Export Promotion through the Export Guidance Cell in the Dist.Industries Centre.
Processing proposals for assistance to sick, micro and small units.
Supervision of implementation of Special Assistance Schemes announced by the State / Central Government for small and micro enterprises.
Recommending awards to micro and small enterprises and Artisans given by Central and State Governments.
Existing Industrial Scenario
The following are the block-wise details of micro and small industries as on 31.03.2011.
Micro and Small Industries
Sl.No Name of Block Units Registred Investment
(Rs.In lakhs) (L&B)
(Rs.In lakhs)(P&M)
Employment Generated
1. Ariyalur 607 382.00 417.79 1606
2. Tirumanur 199 290.52 154.11 331
3. Jayankondam 612 839.57 496.41 2396
4. T. Palur 179 191.91 93.78 415
5. Andimadam 184 197.32 283.96 413
6. Sendurai 364 179.83 139.15 1258
Recently Government of Tamilnadu has announced a new micro small and medium enterprises policy 2008 and subsequently issued guidelines line to act as per policy vide Micro, small and Medium Enterprises (B) Department G.O.(Ms) No: 14 Dated : 07.05.08.
Highlights of the Policy intervention proposed in the Micro, Small and Medium Industries Policy 2008 are as below:-
Un-employed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP)
Un-employed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP) is being implemented in Ariyalur District by the District Industries Centre, Ariyalur. This Scheme is intended to mitigate the unemployment problems of the socially and economically weaker sections of the society particularly among the educated and unemployed youth, to become self employed by setting up economically viable Manufacturing / Service / Business Enterprises, excluding direct agricultural operations like raising crop etc.
The General Manager, District Industries Centre, Perambalur @ Ariyalur is the Implementing Agency for UYEGP scheme.
Any individual above 18 years of age with minimum 8'th standard pass and with family annual income not exceeding Rs. 1.50 Lakhs is eligible to avail loan through all Nationalised Banks, Private Sector Banks and TAICO Bank under this scheme.
The maximum age limit to avail the above loan is 35 years for general Category and 45 years for special category (viz. Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes / Backward Classes / Most Backward Classes / Minorities / Women / Ex-servicemen / Physically Challenged / Transgender).
The maximum cost of the project is Rs. 5.00 Lakhs for Manufacturing sector, Rs. 3.00 Lakhs for Service sector and Rs. 1.00 Lakh for Business sector with subsidy assistance of 15% of the project cost.
The Promoter’s Contribution is just 10% for general category, 5 for special category.
7 days EDP training is mandatory for the selected beneficiaries. The selection of beneficiaries is through interview process by the District Task Force Committee that will be convened at least once in a fortnight.
1. 2010-11 25 3.75 58 12.90 16 4.40
2. 2011-12 150 22.50 112 31.08 7 2.06
I. Infrastructure Support
Schemes for upgradation of industrial estates.
Schemes for establishment of new industrial estates
Reservation up to 20% of land in all State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu Limited (SIPCOT) estates for micro, small and medium enterprises and up to 30% of area for micro enterprises in Small Industries Development Corporation (SIDCO) Estates.
Establishment of multi-storied flatted industrial estates for micro enterprises.
Liberal floor Space Index (FSI) up to 1.5 to 1.75 for industrial sheds and up to 2.5 for multi – storied industrial units.50% Rebate on stamp-duty and registration charges for micro and small enterprises set up in industrial estates and also in industrially backward areas.
An infrastructure subsidy of 20% for the development of private sector industrial estates, subject to a maximum of Rs.1 Crore per estate.
II. Incentive Support
Incentives Offered to Manufacturing enterprises are given in nutshell as below :-
A. Exclusive subsidy schemes for micro manufacturing enterprises established anywhere in the State.
15% Capital subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery subject to a maximum of Rs.3.75 lakhs.
20% low tension power tariff subsidy for 36 months from the date of Commencement of commercial production or from the date of power connection whichever is later.
100% subsidy on the net value of value Added Tax (VAT) paid by them for the first 6 years up to the value of investment made in eligible plant and machinery at the time of allotment of Entrepreneur Memorandum . Part II.
Stamp duty exemption on mortgaged and pledged documents.
B. Subsidy scheme for micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprises established industrially backward areas and agro based industries set up in 385 blocks in the state.
15% capital subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery, subject to a maximum of Rs.30 lakhs.
5% additional employment intensive subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery for given employment to 25 workers for 3 years within the first 5 years from the date of commencement of commercial production , subject to a maximum of Rs.5.lakhs.
5% additional capital subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery for units set up by women, scheduled caste/scheduled tribe, physically disabled persons and transgender enterprises, subject to a maximum of Rs.2 lakhs.
25% additional capital subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery installed to promote cleaner environment friendly technologies subject to a maximum of Rs.3 lakhs on certification by the Tamilnadu pollution Control Board.
20% low tension power tariff subsidy for 36 months from the date of commencement of production or from the date of power connection whichever is later after allotment of Entrepreneur Memorandum . Part II.
C. Special capital subsidy for thrust sector industries set up anywhere in the state.
15% special capital subsidy on the eligible plant and machinery for the 10 thrust sector industries viz., electrical and electronic Industry, leather& leather goods, auto parts and components, drugs and pharmaceuticals etc.. set up anywhere in the state, subject to a maximum of Rs.30 lakhs. However, the subsidies mentioned at (b) above are eligible for the thrust sector set up in industrially backward areas only.
D. Generator subsidy
25% subsidy on the cost of the Generator and its accessories installed for the capacity less than 125 KVA subjected to a maximum of Rs.1.50 Lakhs.( with effect from 21.5.2009)
III. Technical Support
Establishment of Industrial Cluster and Mini Tool Rooms under public private partnership mode.
3% back-ended interest subsidy for technology upgradation / modernization subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 lakhs per enteprise over a period of 5 Years.
Creation of Technology Development fund for evolving cleaner / energy efficient / IT enabled technologies.
Assistance for creation of Centers of Excellence and Technology Business Incubators for introduction of new production techniques and design development to the tune of Rs.50 lakhs per incubator / Centre of Excellence.
50% subsidy on the cost of filing a patent application or Rs.2 lakhs per application whichever is less and 50% subsidy on the cost of application for trade mark registration or Rs.25,000/-whichever is less.
Reimbursement of 50% of the tuition fees for conducting short term training courses for entrepreneurship and skill development programmes by Industries Association.
IV. Information and Marketing Support
15% price preference for purchase of goods of domestic micro and small enterprises, as provided in the Tamilnadu Transparency in Tenders Act, 1998.
Purchase preference for items notified by the State Government.
Waiver of Earnest Money Deposit for participation in tenders.
50% grant on hall rent, subject to a ceiling of Rs.5 lakhs per event in Chennai / Rs.1 lakh per event in the Districts and Rs.5 lakhs in other States per exhibition.
Support for marketing under a common banner or brand name.
V. Deregulation and Simplification
Introduction of Common Application form for submission to statutory authorities in Government.
Self certification in respect of their compliance with statutory requirements.
Proposed enactment of Industrial Single Window Clearance Act.
Assistances During 2011-2012
1. Un-employed Youth Employment Generation Programme(UYEGP)
TARGETS Recommended to Bank Sanctioned by Bank Employment
No. of projects Margin moneyRs.in lakhs No. of projects Margin moneyRs.in lakhs No. of projects Margin moneyRs.in lakhs
150 22.50 112 31.08 7 2.06 31
2. Capital Subsidy
Details of Enterprises Assisted with Capital Subsidy
Sl.No.Name of the EnterpriseLine of activityQuantum of subsidy
M/s. Sridhar Cement Works, No. 4/49, Marakurichi, Sendurai Block, Ariyalur District
Hollow Blocks6,250/-
M/s. Monica Wood Works, 57-A, Sengamedu, Varadarajanpettai (Po), Udaiyarpalayam (Tk), Ariyalur District.
Wooden Furniture Rice Milling Wet Grinding
M/s. P.T.S Fly Ash Bricks, No. 2/162, Main Street, Palinganatham (Po), Ariyalur District
Fly Ash Bricks
M/s. Jayam Industries, No. 3/87, Vannamputhur Main Road, Vannam Puthur, Ariyalur District.
Fly Ash Bricks
M/s. Areca Bio International,Andimadam, Ariyalur District
Manufacturing of areca net leaf plates and cups
3. Low Tension Power Tariff Subsidy 2011-2012 in the District
Sl.No. Name of the Enterprise Line of activity Quantum of subsidy
M/s. Vinayaga Bricks, No. 12/11, Thelur Road, Vilangudi, Ariyalur District.
Hollow Blocks and Fly Asy Bricks
M/s. Satheeskumar Rice & Flour Mill, SF.No. 224/3-B, North Street, Chinnapattakadu Kovilur, Ariyalur District
Rice Milling and Flour Milling
M/s. Mani Flour Mill, No. 335/7A, Asthinapuram Main Road, Asthinapuram, Ariyalur District.
Flour Milling
M/s. Bhuvaneswari Rice Flour and Oil Mill, No. 264/13-A, Sengarandi Street, Elakurichi (Village and Post), Ariyalur District.
Oil Seed Crushing Flour Milling and Rice Milling 1,400/-
5. M/s. Hi-Technology Bricks, No. 8/60A, Virudachalam Road, Jayamkondam, Ariyalur District
Fly Ash Bricks and Chemically Bonded Bricks
M/s. Subramaniyan, No. 23/1, Melatheru, Nagalkuzhi, Sendurai (Tk), Variankaval(Via), Ariyalur District
Flour Milling
M/s. Jeyam Industries, 70/2H,2B, Vannanputhur Main Road, Vannanputhur, Thirumanur Block, Ariyalur District
Fly Ash Bricks
M/s.KVM Beverage & Aqua Firm, No. 446/7, Chidambaram Road, Jayamkondam, Udayarpalayam, Ariyalur District.
Packaged Drinking Water